Flash MP3 Player

This plugin integrates a powerful music player into WordPress.


  • simple to install
  • customizable background
  • playlist include a shuffle feature
  • you can add an album artwork
  • easy to configurate
  • multiple playlists and configuration files
  • sidebar supported
  • you can include it in posts and pages


download page



  1. Upload the directory flash-mp3-player to the /wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Use Settings/FMP:Config Editor to create config files.
  4. Use Settings/FMP:Playlist Editor to create playlist files.
  5. Add a widget to your sidebar through the Appearance-->Widgets menu in WordPress.


You can display the mp3 player in several place in your blog:

  1. on your sidebar
  2. in your post or page
  3. other place

How to put it on your sidebar

How to add a sidebar widget. From illustration
  1. Create a configuration for a sidebar widget, for example called “sidebar widget style 1″. You can use the Settings--> FMP:Config Editor to do this, and it will create a XML config file called sidebar-widget-style-1.xml in your configuration list.
  2. Create a playlist, for example called “playlist in homepage sidebar”. You can use the Settings-->FMP:Playlist Editor to do this, and it will create a XML playlist called playlist-in-homepage-sidebar.xml in your playlists list.
  3. Go to Appearance --> Widgets and drag a “Flash MP3 Player JW” to your sidebar. Then you should set the title, width and height of the widget, choose the config file sidebar-widget-style-1.xml and playlist playlist-in-homepage-sidebar.xml, click save, done!
  4. You can create a lot of different config files and playlists and add a player to every sidebar (if you have more than one), each one with a different config and playlist.

How to embed it in your post or page

  1. Just like what you do in “put it on your sidebar”
  2. Just like what you do in “put it on your sidebar”
  3. Add a new post. Click the media button, which is a blue “Play” button, to call the wizard panel.
  4. You can either choose config file and playlist or not. If not, just set a single song’s url. Click insert button and the short code to call the player will be inserted to your post.

How to put it in other place of your blog

To put the player in other place of your blog is not so easy as above. You should know something about template tags of WordPress.

The code to call the player is like this:

$args = array(
//the entire url of the config file, must
'config_url' => '',
//the entire url of the playlist file (optional)
'playlist_url' => '',
'width' => 230,
'height' => 350,
'id' => '',
'class' => '',
'transparent' => true//this is default
'autostart' => false//this is default
'file' => '' //the entire url of the MP3 file (optional)
//you should set either "playlist_url" or "file"

How to backup your playlist files

Now you have just one method to backup your playlist file is to use ftp connect to your server, and download the /wp-content/fmp-jw-files/playlists directory. If you want to restore your playlists, just upload the playlists files to the /wp-content/fmp-jw-files/playlists directory.

Other Topics

The JW Player and FLA File Download

The player embedded in this plugin is so-called JW Player, which is the same as the player in YouTube. But the player in this plugin is the version 2.3 of JW Player, the reason for this version is because the size of the player file is just 9.5K bytes. It is very fast for the browser to load this player in. The short hand of it is that this player can just play audio. Just as the name of this plugin, it is an mp3 player, so the function of the version 2.3 is suitable. A lot of designer want to customize the look the player, so I give you it here. You can download it by click the link below.

Player Printer, Config Editor and Playlist Editor

This plugin is composite of three parts. The first is Player Printer. This thing is used to put the mp3 player on your page. Its core is a template tag, and extended forms are sidebar widget and shortcode. The second and the third is two XML file editors, Config Editor and Playlist Editor. They are just two XML file creating helpers. If you know how to edit a XML file, you can edit them, include config file and playlist file, locally and upload them to your server yourself.


  1. where to edit the code to make the song image larger?—-You can download the source file of the player and change the size of image yourself if you know how to modify the code.

321 responses to “FMP”

  1. Michael Blum

    I use this plugin on my wordpress site. It works well except in window 8 where no mp3′s load. This occurs in both Metro and Desktop versions of ie10. Please help. Thanks Michael

  2. Michael Blum

    I use this plugin with my wordpress site. It works well in all browsers, but doesn’t work in Windows 8. I get the graphics box for the player, but no mp3s load. How do I fix this. I believe win 8 comes with ie10. It doesn’t work in metro or desktop mode. Thanks.Michael

  3. michael byrd

    I Like the player is there any way of making your player work with android ?
    Thank you mike

  4. AMP

    Maybe I’m being really daft (and I am just a surface level WordPress user – and a new one at that), but we have a playlist, and want to change the order, but can’t. We’re dragging and dropping on the .xml playlist page, but when you hit ‘save’, its reverting back to original status. What am I missing here? Thank you in advance.

  5. James R

    I’m trying to find a good, free playlist widget. So far that’s proving to be impossible. I thought for a second that this might have been the one I was looking for.

    But it doesn’t look like this playlist allows for uploading music from a hard drive or local pc. All it gives me is this 0% loaded sign.

    If there is a way to upload mp3 file from my pc or WordPress library could someone please explain how?

    I’d really appreciate it. thanks,
    James R

  6. Steve

    What is the purpose of the link option in the playlist manager?

    1. Steve

      Never mind, I got it. The playlist panel must be checked.

      Thanks anyway!

      BTW – Nice plugin!

  7. Alison Williams

    I’m trying to change the hight of the player to 20px, but when I set the height, it still “reserves” 280 px in height, so there is a big space at the bottom. How can I change this?

    Thanks for your help. This is a great widget!!!!


  8. Alex

    Hi! When you press the button “Music”, there is a red error flash player (for 1 second) Help me please :( Thanks!

  9. David

    hello i want to make font size bigger, how can i do these?

  10. yousuf


    This player only works with Chrome. I cannot see my playlist with Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    Anyone facing a similar problem?

    1. Uko

      This FMP-player needs Flash Player installed (and activated/permitted to work) in a computer to play MP3 files. Chrome has a preinstalled one, so this might be the reason. The Adobe Flash player suits well. (NB! Each brouser needs his own version of Flash).

      1. Michael

        I need to make the artist image larger but cant seem to find the code in plugin editor any help would be a blessing Michael Byrd

  11. Rafael Deitos

    “Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!”

    I flash upgraded. How To Fix?

    1. jai

      Did you figure out a fix for this?

  12. Sajjad Hussain

    Hello Dear Please tell me how i backup mp3 player list?
    last time change hosting to new server install wordpress upload backup etc but manual work on mp3 list

  13. George Hummel

    Hi, this is a great player, thanks for creating it!!

    One question though.. when a user hits the play button, there is a very short bit of sound from the track, like 1/50 of a second, then it stops for a second or two while the track continues to finish loading, then it plays normally. Is there a way to fix this?

  14. JVonD

    Noticed my Flash MP3 Player JW2.3 working properly but I can’t access the FMP: Config Editor or the FMP: Playlist Editor in the “settings” area of wordpress. I click it and it show a blank white page where it used to show the options.
    Any clue why that would happen? Thanks! ~J



  15. Jay

    I can get the files into the playlist and they appear in the widget, but the media files never load – always “0% Loaded”

    So I’m obviously doing something wrong, but have no idea what.

    For reference, I’m pointing at media files on my local machine, as I’m building a site offline. So no bandwidth, download or connectivity issues – everything is on the same system.

    Any pointers/advice would be great – very much a WordPress newbie here… thanks, Jay

    1. George Hummel

      Hi Jay, I had that problem too. In my case, it was because the filename and path wasn’t exactly as specified in the playlist xml file. I had something like this (correctly) specified in the xml file:


      but the actual file was named

      why_wont_ this_song_play.mp3

      In your case I’m guessing it might be something to do with the path to whatever directory you’re pointing to on your local machine.

    2. James R

      Did you ever find a fix to this problem? I ran into the same exact thing.

    3. paraisa

      I’m also getting this problem…

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