WordPress Ultimate Toolkit

WordPress Ultimate Toolkit(WUT), which helps you control the output of WordPress better, is a set of admin tools, widgets and components.


  • Generate posts and pages excerpt automatically
  • Show/Hide specific Page on your page navigator
  • Show words count for every post(page) on Eidt Posts(Pages)
  • Add custom css/ code snippets to your page without edit theme files


  • Output recent posts
  • Output random posts
  • Output related posts(only on a single post page)
  • Output posts in the same category(only on a single post page)
  • Output most commented posts
  • Output recent comments with comment contents
  • Output active commentators
  • Output recent commentators

Template Tags

  • wut_recent_posts()
  • wut_random_posts()
  • wut_related_posts()
  • wut_posts_by_category()
  • wut_most_commented_posts()
  • wut_recent_comments()
  • wut_active_commentators()
  • wut_recent_commentators()

Other Features

  • Easy to use, few coding works
  • Secondary development support(actions and filters supported)
  • Easy to uninstall, leave nothing in your database
  • Feed enhancement (in the development plan)
  • Content enhancement (in the development plan)




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8 responses to “WUT”

  1. You can add popular posts? wait for updates,thanks

  2. Hello. thanks for plugin. its perfect but i need populer posts?

  3. 什么情况,没地方下?

  4. 报告bug,文件wordpress-ultimate-toolkit/inc/class.utils.php中,$tips = str_replace(‘%permalin%’, $permalink, stripcslashes($options[‘tip_template’])); 此处%permalin%少了一个k导致excerpt options设置无效

  5. 如何控制widget不在主页显示呢?比如wut_recent_posts,我打开主页时没有这个栏,当进入其他页面时显示这个栏,我试图在主题中直接使用但是出错了~~~谢谢

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