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Extended Live Archive (ELA) is a cool AJAX application with which you can display a well-structured and multi-viewed archive navigator on your archive page. With the help of this navigator, visitors of your blog can surf all the articles on your blog easily. They can sort titles of your articles by date, by category or by tag. Here is a LIVE DEMO.

How to install?

  1. Upload the better-extended-live-archive directory and its content to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Make sure the cache directory permission are set to 0777 (refer to your webhost knowledge-base if need be).
  3. Place <?php af_ela_super_archive(); ?> in your archive page template. Generally it is named archives.php NOT the archive.php.
  4. Then, visit the Settings->Ext. Live Archive page once to initialize it.


Click here to download

Email Support

This plugin of WordPress is free of use and open source, but the email support for it is a paid service. On top of the PayPal page, you can find my email.

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