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Huo is one of my best friends I get acquainted with on the internet. She want a music player which can be put on the sidebar of her blog. She is a newbie in the internet and WordPress. Although to create a XML config file and playlist is very easy, it is still too hard for a green hand like her. That is why I created this plugin—making it easy.

Widget support and user friendly administration interface are the most important two features of this plugin. But the features of the player itself, e.g. shuffle the playlist, are not under my control. The player this plugin used was found on the internet, they are created with flash. This kind of player has the best browser compatibility.

The flash player of the first version(8.x~9.x) of this plugin is like this:

The first version of the music player

I found this player on the internet and I don’t know who is the author. This player is very simple. You can not change the color scheme and make full control of its dimension. Its advantage is tiny, just 8k bytes.

The flash player of the now version(10.0.x) of this plugin is like this:

New version player

This player is the famous JW player(the latest version of it is v4.4). I choose the version 2.3 because it is tiny(9.5k bytes) and it is good enough to be a MP3 player. You can change the color scheme of it, change the background image, set the default volumn, shuffle the playlist and so on. It’s great!


under 10.x

under construction …


under construction …


under construction …


DOWNLOAD the new version 10.0.4

DOWNLOAD the old one 9.3.31

Note: The version 10.x does not support PHP 4.x. If the PHP version on your web server is under 5, you should use 9.x of this plugin.








这里我上一个后台截图,具体效果可以看霍霍博客:《双霍记》 《所谓伊人在何方》

The screenshot of the admin page.




A new version is under development, here is a picture to show:


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